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"little nest" the felt cradle 2016

Egg? Cocoon? Capsule?     Cradle!

Shaped out of one single wool felt the cradle hugs around the baby as a protective shell taking care of its peaceful rest.

Due to perfectly simple geometry, 100% natural materials, and the single-point suspension, babies can enjoy gentle care very similar to what they experienced prior to their birth.

The cradle reacts to every move and wiggle the baby makes and calms them down with gentle swaying.


The cradle is the outcome of an idea springing from rather personal motivation. 

Touched by the restless knights of my own child I got inspired to design a childbed providing the most natural conditions for sleeping. 

Following the pattern of nature we achieved the final shape of the cradle by making it void of any frippery.   


The shape of the cradle is made of a double layer of Merino wool felt handcrafted with traditional wool felting technique. Due to the leather strap suspension, the movement dynamics of the cradle could be 

best characterized by natural easiness and flexibility. 

Naturally, several clinical tests have been carried out with babies to find out the effects of this bed on these small beings. Meanwhile the design of related products 

has also begun.


santo spirito  2017

santo spirito is an intelligent standing lamp without a switch.

made of solid ash wood, linen, and brass

it is a simple and beautiful companion in a room. It is thought as part of the baby collection that started with "little nest" - the felt cradle.


The light given through the LED and the positioning of the shades, shows  the shape of

wings on the wall.

As you might have guessed it is symbolising an angel, a guardian. It fills the room with warm and cosy light.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details, or an offer for your project.


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minimi pouf &  mathilde bench  2018

A family of elegant upholstered seating furniture, variable in size and function, with or without backrest. 

The small brass details and rigorously selected materials make it a perfect eye-catcher in every project contract or private. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details, or an offer for your project.

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